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Hi, Rick Mylander here. I am glad to share this blog with you. You and I are absolute miracle gifts wrought of God, and your interest in this site is a gift to me. A husband, father, grandfather and avid Christ follower, I am also a pastor in the Evangelical Covenant Church -- a growing evangelical denomination based in Chicago – in fact, have been for about forty years. After a career that has included church-based and denominational-administration-based service, I am currently serving as a freelancer in intentional, transitional ministry services, and enjoy it very much. I also enjoy anything family, anything outdoors, writing, retreat speaking and ministering spiritual direction, and I live in Coupeville, Washington with my wife Gail, my inspiration and beloved soulmate.

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  1. Thanks for your ministry while in Salem - your ministry was a real help. Just heard about a church in Phoenix, another denomination, that is in need of interim help. I am sure there are many other churches that are in similar situations. Anyway - thanks again for your pastoral leadership while you were with us.