Saturday, June 13, 2015

QOTM...*: Ralph Waldo Emerson

(*Quote of the Month)

“Miracles have ceased,” he said. Said I, “Have they indeed? When? They had not ceased this afternoon when I walked into the wood and got into bright, miraculous sunshine in shelter from the roaring wind…”
~~Ralph Waldo Emerson               

Though the 1800’s Transcendentalism movement in American philosophy is not well-known for its pure Christian orthodoxy, nor are its adherents, some of its members do reflect a Christian worldview. Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-82), the leader of the movement, certainly had a far different spiritual theology than I, but I still deeply appreciate the spirit behind the philosophy, and behind many of his writings as well. The above quote was taken from his extensive journals.

At its core, Transcendentalism was a pseudo-religious pseudo-Christian philosophy that intentionally contrasted with Unitarian doctrine and the highfalutin’ intellectual climate that pervaded New England at the time (1830’s ff.). And though it was not into organized religion, it held strongly to the basic goodness of people, and even nature in general. And from what I see in Genesis 1, where even God calls his creation very good (Genesis 1:31), that’s pretty hard to argue against.

Better than Emerson, and certainly also in agreement with Genesis, are the words of David the Psalmist in Psalm 139:14 – Marvelous are your works (O Lord), and that my soul knows very well!


Marvelous are your works, and
that my soul knows very well!
~~David the Psalmist                                 

Have a blessed weekend!

~~RGM, June 12 2015

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