Saturday, March 31, 2018

From My Nature Journal: Faith Sees

Eyes see the January-barren tree.
Faith sees spring’s leaf buds and blossoms, tastes autumn’s fruit.

Eyes see the storm.
Faith sees life-enhancing rain that refreshes and supples the land.

Eyes see the small, inert-looking speck.
Faith sees all of that tiny seed’s fertile potential.

Eyes see the trail’s steep grade, effort and toil.
Faith sees the panoramic view at trail’s end.

Eyes see flames consuming, ravaging.
Faith sees warmth, light, nutrients and purification.

Eyes see wilderness’s danger and foreboding.
Faith sees its ability to produce recollection, thoughtfulness and intention.

Eyes see glitz, neon lights, goods, attractions, and amusements.
Faith sees their prospective power to damage the spirit.

Eyes see geese in chevron flight moving south for the long winter.
Faith sees a spring return on pacific breeze.

Eyes see little, scanning quickly over natural beauty.
Faith sees the good pleasure of the Creator, and lingers.

Eyes see death, stark and brutal.
Faith sees resurrection, hope springing eternal.

Eyes fail.
Only faith sees.
Marvelous redemption.
Blessed Easter Tomorrow, 
RGM, March 31 2018

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  1. That was wonderful. I was telling hubby how much I miss you two just yesterday. If you are in the area pop into service some Sunday and if you give me a heads-up I'll bring you home for lunch.