Friday, May 17, 2013

Blowin' in the Wind: Evensong

(Blowin’ in the Wind is a regular feature 
on my blog consisting of an assortment
of nature writings – hymns, songs, prayers, 
scriptures, poems or other things – pieces 
I may not have written but that inspire me. 
I trust they will do the same for you.)

I am truly pleased to present on my blog today what can only be considered a ‘guest columnist.’ What makes it precious to me, though, is that the writer is none other than my beloved wife, Gail. She is not one to write much, as she considers our children and me the writers in the family. She also doesn’t do public speaking very often, for the same reason! However, I have always found that whenever she does either of these she does a great job, far greater than she ever would give herself credit for. So I guess the latter will be my job today.

Here is my case in point, something she wrote spontaneously a couple weeks ago. I really like it.

We have been blessed with a remote and simple little cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It sits on a bay of a small lake, and one of our favorite pastimes is sitting on the dock. Early mornings offer the beauty and peace of a new day unfolding. Midday offers a cool breeze and activity in and out of the water. Late afternoon or evening is a delightful time to watch the sunset, or maybe cast for a fish or two.

One beautiful summer’s eve I happened to be alone on the dock. It was a calm evening and the lake was like glass. As the sun lowered further in the sky, the intensity of the sun glare on the lake lessened and I heard the song of a robin. I love that cheer-up sound and was charmed in listening to it. Then across the bay another robin started its sweet song, a lovely duet across the water. Soon another and another joined the singing and there was a full chorus of 
robins, each singing their own parts of chirps and trills.         

At the same time I found myself suddenly surrounded by numerous dragonflies flitting around me and over the water, also a delight to watch. Twenty? Fifty? It is too hard to count them. I enjoy their graceful dance as they dart one direction and then another, busily skimming here and there and dipping into the water every now and again. Once in a while one stops to rest or watch, landing on the dock or even the tip of my shoe. Its wings glimmer in the sun and I am in awe of its lacey patterns and colors. But tonight I am delighted more so by their dance accompanied by a robin chorus!
It is an enchanting double performance for an audience of one.       

I am reminded of the time we visited our daughter and son-in-law when he was studying at Oxford. While there we had the opportunity to attend several Evensong services at various of the college chapels. It was a lovely way to end a day, listening to voices soar into the sanctuary in praise of God! But tonight, there are no walls or ceiling to this sanctuary. Tonight there is only bird song and dragonfly dance! What a wondrous praise to their Maker! I am blessed beyond words and add my own praise to the chorus.

“Praise the Lord. Praise God in His sanctuary; praise Him in His mighty heavens. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.” (PS 150:1,6)

~~RGM, May 17, 2013

P.S. By the way, it also coincidently happens to be Gail’s birthday today. This is not the reason why I have shared her writing, it’s only a chance co-occurrence. But it DOES give me the opportunity to give her a shout-out. Happy Birthday, my love. You are God’s second-most-precious gift to me.

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