Saturday, October 11, 2014

From My Nature Journal: The Immovable Permanence

Waves beat the shore,
Incessant, persistent, constant.
Surf and sound meet their shared demise, journey’s end.
Rank on rank, file on file
They roll, repelled by the immovable permanence.
Rock or sand, mainland or silent strand
Push back, leaving a memory
Of a force now spent, now subdued,
Now impotent and put back in its place.
Its place…

So, my prayers.
They come upon what seems the Immovable Permanence.
Rank on rank, file on file
They roll. Do You hear? Do You listen? Are You altered?
As waves against the shore, 
You tell them they can only advance so far.
But far enough to make impact by their importunity?
Their incessancy? Their persistence? Their constancy?
Yes. The Immovable Permanence? Only one is true. 
Astounding Mutability…

~~RGM, written several years ago at Hobe Sound
National Wildlife Refuge near Jupiter, Florida

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