Thursday, April 20, 2017

From My Nature Journal: A Jesus Blessing

OK, I think it’s time for another Celtic-style blessing. I’ve shared some of these blessings before, some I have written and some I’ve found elsewhere, and you can check one out here if you’d like. But this is one I wrote seven years ago during another Eastertide.

My heart is full these days, having come off a rich and reflective Lenten season here in our church. But it has also been an unusually intense and busy Lent, thus my inability to get a new post up at all yet this month. Still, the unusual Lent made me also unusually eager for Easter, to be able to celebrate again the victory of Jesus over sin, death and the devil, what Martin Luther called ‘the unholy trinity.’

So, Jesus be praised! Christ is risen! May you receive the blessing Jesus is able to provide as a result of his victory!

A Celtic Blessing

The love of Christ to win you,
The joy of Christ to keep you.

The peace of Christ to settle you,
The patience of Christ to suffer you.

The kindness of Christ to overwhelm you,
The goodness of Christ to delight you.

The faithfulness of Christ to encourage you,
The gentleness of Christ to heal you.

The hope of Christ to assure you,
The glory of Christ to inspire you.

The purposes of Christ to occupy you,
The rest of Christ to renew you.

The light of Christ to draw you,
The path of Christ to guide you.

The hand of Christ to lead you,
The arms of Christ to surround you.

The absence of Christ to humble you,
The presence of Christ to strengthen you.

The grace of Christ to amaze you,
The touch of Christ to restore you.

The creativity of Christ to enchant you,
The imagination of Christ to form you.

The watchfulness of Christ to protect you,
The serenity of Christ to calm you.

The face of Christ to behold you,
The smile of Christ to warm you.

The mercy of Christ to correct you,
The forgiveness of Christ to cleanse you.

The majesty of Christ to overshadow you,
The breath of Christ to enliven you.

The exhilaration of Christ to thrill you,
The stillness of Christ to quiet you.

The provision of Christ to satisfy you,
The beauty of Christ to be seen in you.

The Spirit of Christ to overtake you,
The word of Christ to hold you.

These blessings of Christ be yours
This day and every day.
In the strong Name, amen. 

~~ RGM, April 20, 2017


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